Quality and Development

Product Description

Our set up is fully equipped to undertake any type of job right from design & development to final finishing i.e. ready for end use.

We focus on the R & D to produce high quality products. Our Experts are strived for excellence.

Design section has the facilities to put conception of development and production tooling into workable shape. So, specific are the requirements that Computer Aided Design (CAD) with its advanced stages has become core at this section.

 Accurate tool room is the key to precision engineering. In view of this, the company went for installing more than ten different kinds of sophisticated machines, 3-Axis copy milling, 60 Amps EDM, Shapers, Lathes, Radial drill, vertical milling and precision drilling machines. Presence of these machines has rendered NAC vast capabilities of making in house all kinds of forging tools, sheet metal dies, production and inspection gauges, jigs and fixtures.

As for as quality is concerned, we follow the principle that production and quality should go side by side. Quality does get preference on production. We have following facilities to enforce this objective.

Wide range of measuring instruments (vernier calipers, micro meters height gauges, bore gauges etc.). Welding Penetration tests. Customize gauges for machined parts.

Customize checking fixtures for sheet metal parts & assemblies. · Crack Detection Machine.

Full Range of Hardness Testing (Rockwell, Brinnal, Vickers and shore) Endurance/Fatigue testing machines for all functional parts/assemblies Load Vs deflection checking machine. (For knowing spring constants of spring leaf assemblies) And many other conventional measuring devices & instruments.